OrthoBone® by BONES™

Having the right pillow means more than a good night’s sleep. The OrthoBone®, made by BONES™, was designed for sleeping and goes well beyond the capabilities of your typical bedtime pillow.

Say goodbye to waking up stiff and sore from a pillow that’s too tall or thin. The OrthoBone® has your back, literally, by supporting your neck. The OrthoBone® is so effective that it’s the choice pillow recommended by chiropractors for neck pain while sleeping.

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Sleep Like a Log. Wake up Refreshed.

The OrthoBone® is unique among neck pillows. Its trademarked, three-tiered design provides superior support to your neck and head to create a dreamy bedtime experience. Some of its features include:

Ideal Size & Shape

The OrthoBone® is a pillow with a “bone” on it. That bone cradles your neck, keeping your spine in its natural position all night long. At 15 inches long with a 15-inch center circumference, the OrthoBone® is large enough to support all shapes and sizes of bodies. It has convenient handles for easy transport.

Custom Support

The OrthoBone® comes with medium-firm polyester filling to accommodate most people. If you want it softer or firmer, a zipper on the side allows you to add or remove filling as necessary to achieve your desired firmness.


Rest comfortably on soft, silky velour. It’s like velvet in texture and appearance, but it’s completely hypoallergenic. Likewise, the polyester filling won’t trigger allergies and the pillow is machine washable.

Chiropractor’s Choice

The OrthoBone® is so effective that it’s the choice pillow recommended by chiropractors for neck pain while sleeping.

Support for More Than Your Neck

Bed pillows shouldn’t cause neck problems, but they often do. Having the wrong pillow can wreak havoc on your ability to awake refreshed and energized to face the day. Beyond simply supporting your neck, the OrthoBone® also supports:

  • The spine’s natural curvature. Get a good night’s sleep without tension created from a spine that’s out of alignment. The OrthoBone® positions the cervical vertebrae to keep the rest of the spine aligned.
  • Any sleep position. Whether you prefer to sleep on your back or on your side, the OrthoBone® will support you fully throughout the night.
  • Deeper sleep. Spend less time tossing and turning. The OrthoBone® was designed to promote a natural posture to improve relaxation.
Is the OrthoBone® Right for You?

The OrthoBone® was engineered to address many of the problems which poor spine support creates during bedtime. Consider an OrthoBone® if you are experiencing:

  • Neck Pain in Bed
    Neck pain is a sure sign that your pillow is the wrong one.
  • Back Pain While Laying Down
    When the neck and head are properly supported, the back experiences less pressure.
  • Difficulty Sleeping
    Poor sleeping posture can decrease the quality of sleep or make it difficult to sleep altogether.
Say Goodnight to Neck Pain with an OrthoBone®

Tired of waking up in pain every morning? Give your neck a break. We engineered the OrthoBone® specifically to address the problems which regular pillows sometimes create. Repose in peace and comfort with a pillow built for human anatomy.