NeckBone® by Original Bones®

Let’s face it, modern pillows just aren’t cut out for the job. Whether it’s waking up with a kinked neck or spending hours searching for the perfect size or firmness, they’re woefully inadequate for handling the task of supporting your neck for a third of your life.

The NeckBone®, made by Original Bones®, goes above and beyond a standard pillow in its ability to deliver comfort and neck support. Tired of buying pillow after pillow looking for the right one? We’ve got it right here.

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Cute. Cozy. Convenient. Like a Pillow Should Be.

Why choose the NeckBone®? Glad you asked. Among the many amazing qualities of the NeckBone® include:

Ideal Size & Shape

The NeckBone® measures 14 inches long and 6.5 inches tall. It’s exactly the right shape and size to be a versatile, effective pillow. All pillows come with handles on each side to make it easy to carry when you’re on the go.

Custom Support

The NeckBone® uses hypoallergenic polyester stuffing to provide comfortable support, and the pillow comes with a machine-washable, zippered shell. You can adjust the filling through the zippered opening to change the level of support to meet your body’s precise needs.

Hypoallergenic Fabrics

Our pillows are available in a variety of fabrics. From subtle poly-cotton to velvety velour, one is sure to please.

Doctor’s Favorite

The NeckBone® was our first pillow and it remains a favorite among healthcare professionals. Whether using it on your neck, lower back, or knees, you can relax knowing that healthcare professionals have tried, tested, and appreciated the NeckBone®.

Comfortable Bones Mean a Comfortable Life

The NeckBone® wasn’t created bone-shaped because it’s cute (though it totally is). This trademarked, design supports the way human anatomy actually works. Its shape helps:

  • Realign the cervical vertebrae. Maintain the natural curvature of your neck vertebrae to keep the rest of your spine healthy and aligned.
  • Improve sleep quality. Say goodbye to pillows that are too tall or too thin. The NeckBone® supports a deeper, longer sleep.
  • Relieve pain. Whether aching knees or a tight lumbar region, the NeckBone® is designed to relieve tension and help that pain melt away.
Is the NeckBone® Right for You?

The versatility of the NeckBone® has made it one of the most popular offerings from Original Bones®. Choose a NeckBone® if you need:

  • Neck Support: Helping you keep your spine in good health was the NeckBone®’s original calling.
  • Lumbar Support: If you’ve got tight lower back muscles or a painful lumbar spine, give the NeckBone® a try.
  • Knee Pain Relief: Laying flat can put pressure on the knees, hips, and lower back. Place one in between your knees to relieve back, knee, and hip pain.
Tired of Pain? Let Us “Throw You a Bone”

At last, there’s a pillow out there specifically built to accommodate the human form. Whether you want a little extra comfort while you travel or your spine just needs some TLC, the NeckBone® was designed to do the work that regular pillows can’t do — deliver comfort and health.