CollarBone® by BONES™

Despite the thrill of adventure, traveling can get pretty uncomfortable. Between security checks, heavy bags, and airplane seats, there’s a lot to drive up that stress.

Discover what traveling is like when it isn’t a pain in the neck. The CollarBone®, made by BONES™ is easily recognizable from any other travel pillow because it has the unique bone shaped style. You will make an impression with a CollarBone® while traveling.

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You’re Going Places. We’ll Help You Get There.

The CollarBone® is your ticket to bliss en route to that faraway destination. Unlike other travel pillows on the market, its features include:

Unique Shape

No other travel pillow looks like a CollarBone® Pillow by Bones™. The CollarBone® sits around your neck like other travel pillows, but provides better support because of its trademarked design. The bone-shaped pillow at the base of your neck improves comfort and helps keep your vertebrae aligned for the entire ride. The shape intrinsically minimizes head tilt often associated with resting upright. Because of the unique shape the pillow cradles your neck more snugly than traditional travel pillows.

Travel Sized

At 15 inches long, 14 inches deep, and 7 inches tall, it’s got a 15-inch circumference to keep your neck fully supported for the duration of the ride. It also includes side handles to make it easy to secure to your luggage when you are on the move.

Custom Support

Our pillows are available in a variety of fabrics. From subtle poly-cotton to velvety velour, one is sure to please.


Travel in luxury with a pillow made from soft, silky velour. It’s similar in texture and appearance to velvet, but it’s hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. We also offer the CollarBone® in a polyester-cotton blend.

Keep Your Head on Straight While You Travel

Traveling can get pretty rough, especially if you have to sit, eat, and sleep in the same position for several hours. Airplanes weren’t designed for your physical comfort, so we made sure that the CollarBone® was. Enjoy:

  • Reduced stress. The CollarBone® relaxes your muscles by taking over the chore of keeping your head and neck in a comfortable position.
  • Improved rest. Say goodbye to squirming into a semi-comfortable position.
  • Better posture. The bone-shaped pillow on the CollarBone® helps keep your cervical vertebrae in alignment, allowing the rest of your spine to follow suit.
Do You Need a CollarBone®?

The CollarBone® is the only neck supporting pillow that you’ll ever need. Its unique, trademarked shape and convenient size make it perfect for:

  • Travel
    Whether in the car, on a train, or on a plane, carry a CollarBone® with you for increased comfort.
  • Neck Stabilization
    Use it at home or the spa when you want to keep your neck and head still without expending energy.
  • Keep Comfy and Keep Traveling
    You’ve got places to go and a bucket list to accomplish, so don’t let the stress of traveling get you down. A great travel pillow can help get you there. Don’t settle for a bulky fabric necklace or a bag filled with last night’s bean soup that slithers off your shoulders. Before you reach for that donut, give the CollarBone® a try. You’ll feel the difference in your bones.