About Original Bones

The year was 1967 and a company called  Products Unlimited, Inc. was established in Omaha, Nebraska. The demand for comfort products was on the rise and and we had a great idea. Our uniquely shaped pillow was functional, comfortable, and memorable! The bone shape corrected a common spinal alignment challenge that other pillows just did not. With that, the The BONES™ Pillow brand began.

With manufacturing plants in Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin, Products Unlimited, Inc. is one of the largest users of polyester fibers in the United States. We take pride in manufacturing quality products in the USA.

Today, The BONES™ Pillow offers three unique pillow shapes to address different relaxation needs. Which “The BONES™ Pillow” product is right for you?

If you are looking for the perfect travel pillow, try the CollarBone®. If you are struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position, try the NeckBone®. If you are finding that your current pillow causes a pain in your neck, try the OrthoBone®.

How do I get one?

Original Bones has partnered with a couple of online retailers that will assist in your purchase. Please visit the products page to buy from Amazon.