Rest Your Head on Original Bones® — Just What the Doctor Ordered

Discover what traveling is like when it isn’t a pain in the neck. The CollarBone®, made by Original Bones®, was engineered with the sole purpose of improving your comfort level to lower travel stress and allow you to explore the world with ease.

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Do You Have a Bone to Pick with Your Pillow?

If you wake with head or neck pain, then your pillow is all wrong for you. Original Bones® pillows were designed to help people relax and realign following the spine’s natural curvature.

Pillows that don’t properly support your back and neck lead to difficulty falling asleep, disrupted sleep, back pain, and neck pain. Here’s why. The cervical vertebra is made up of seven parts and it is designed to have a healthy degree of curvature. If the curvature becomes lost, the body will not stack properly and negative issues will arise exponentially. By training the vertebrae C1 – C7 with a product that offers the proper support, you may avoid unwanted stress and tension.

That’s why we developed our unique line of pillows ideal for home and travel.  Once you’ve relaxed with a NeckBone®, traveled with a CollarBone®, or slept with an OrthoBone®, you’ll never want another pillow. Try one or all three! In fact, Original Bones® are so effective, many chiropractors recommend them for their patients.

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