Rest Your Head on Original Bones® — Stylish Form with Practical Function.

Discover what traveling is like when it isn’t a pain in the neck. The NeckBone®, made by Original Bones®, was engineered with the sole purpose of improving your comfort level to lower travel stress and allow you to explore the world with ease.

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Do You Have a Bone to Pick with Your Pillow?

“Set yourself apart from the mundane of boring neck support pillows. The Original Bones® are stylish, yet functional. There is a Bones™ for every need; relaxation, traveling, or sleeping. Chiropractor recommended, Bones™ are available in different support levels, or customizable to your exact needs. They come in various fabrics and prints, depending on your taste. Discover what stylish relaxation is like. The Original Bones®, were designed to be different, classy, yet improve your comfort level to lower stress and pain, whether at home, on the road, or just chillin’. Why settle for boring?”

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