Why Original Bones?

Cervical Lordosis

Original Bones were developed to help people RELAX & REALIGN.  Here at the Bone Headquarters, we feel it is important to take some time from your busy schedule and pay attention to your body, mind and soul.  Relaxing with a NeckBone, traveling with a CollarBone or sleeping with an OrthoBone are a few simple ways to help relax the body and relieve pain.

What else?

More specifically, the cervical vertebra is made up of seven parts and it is designed to have a healthy degree of curvature.  Should the curvature become lost, the body will not stack properly and negative issues will arise exponentially. By training the vertebrae C1 – C7 with a product that offers the proper support you may avoid unwanted stress and tension.


Thank you for exploring OriginalBones.com and we hope to “Throw You a Bone”!